The Geometry Modules interweave common and specialized content knowledge elements with an aim to develop prospective teachers’ Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching, specifically their content knowledge and content knowledge for teaching. Preservice teachers engage in mathematical practices to develop a deep understanding of advanced content in three modules: axiomatic systems, transformational geometry, and similarity and measurement. Instructional activities encourage preservice teachers to conjecture and problem solve about advanced geometric concepts as well as use the thinking of K-12 learners as a space of exploration and learning.

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My students found the materials engaging. I found that the materials were very useful in their developing of understanding of alternative geometries like non-euclidean, spherical, hyperbolic, taxicab, incidence, and transformative geometry.

module(s2) Instructor

I have more in my “tool belt” for teaching these concepts than I did before. I feel that I can explain geometry from different angles as well as being ready to work with a student who may see things from different perspectives.

Pre-service teacher
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